Pre Round

Pre Round

Top class golf experiences

For those of you who visit us to play on one of our courses, you want to have the best golf experience possible. To shoot good scores on the court, preparations are required. Therefore, we recommend golfers get to the facility in good time and carry out a good warm-up. The golf experience, therefore, starts on the range. Read more about how to get extra balls here.


Choose the right tee

We want to give the best possible experience and therefore we no longer have a red-blue-yellow-white tee. Our tees are based on meters. This means that you choose how far you want to play the course. Feel free to test different tees according to weather, wind, day shape, or to get a new experience when you play our courses more times.


Lakes Course has seven tees from tee 48 (4840 meters) to tee 68 (6781 meters). Links Course has six tees from tee 49 (4950 meters) to tee 68 (6835 meters). Depending on the handicap and conditions for the day, you can choose the tee/difficulty level yourself and get a better golf experience. If you are unsure which tee is right for you, we can give a recommendation.


Dimensions and pin placement

The course dimensions can be found on all sprinkler heads, the distance is to the front edge of the green.


Booking rules 2021


Reserved start times

The first bookable time is 08:00.

Until October, there are specific start times that can only be booked by members. As a member, you can also book the times 07: 30-07: 50 (games are not allowed before 07:30).


Members may hold a maximum of 3 booked start times per course at the same time. Out of these bookings, a maximum of 2 start times may be booked on weekends.

Arrival registration

Register your arrival no later than 15 minutes before the booked time. This is done at the reception or in the golf terminal in the kiosk house or my golf app – “MGB booking”. We recommend members use the app.

No Show

If you do not register for arrival or do not cancel your tee time any later than 30 minutes before the start, you will be charged a full green fee. As a member, you will be charged half the green fee.


In the event of repeated offenses, the person concerned may be suspended for booking for 14 days.


Introduction card

PGA members play freely 5 times/season


SGF card

Visits must be pre-registered so that the club is expected to offer free play. The use of introductory cards and cards for merit badges is limited to once a year and club. Rules


Golf carts

Golf carts may only be driven on fairways and roads. It is forbidden to drive in the rough and violation can lead to the group being allowed to leave the track. Depending on the weather, the course manager may offer the use of golf carts at short notice. Guests can rent a golf cart for SEK 500 (required for 18 holes), members, guest to member, and guests with a medical certificate pay SEK 250.


In fog

For safety reasons, no one is allowed to go out to make greener on the first hole of the Links Course visible from the Clubhouse. When the fog clears, everyone leaves the first tee. If the ball that would have expired at 09:00 does not come out before 10:30, all starting times are postponed by 1.5 hours. So original time + offset time.


In case of frost

Our course coordinator gives the go-ahead when it is time for games, so it is not personal at the reception and shopkeeper who makes this decision.



Dogs are allowed on the course, not in the clubhouse.



If the position, swing, or tee point of the ball is affected by a newly planted tree, the ball should be dropped.